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What is domain name registration?

It provides a domain name which is a unique name and address on the World Wide Web for the website. The registration needs to do for the domain name for an individual or a company secures a website domain for a specified time period usually, one year and later can be renewed to anytime for an extended time.

Top-Level Domain
  • .com – commercial business
  • .org – organizations
  • .gov – government agencies
  • .edu – educational institutions
  • .net – network organizations
  • – government organizations
  • .mil – military
Second Level Domain
  • .pro
  • .in
  • .biz
  • .name
  • .tech
  • .website
  • .info
  • .club
  • .host
  • .co
  • .online
  • .space
  • .me
  • .site
  • .business
  • .clinic
  • .info
  • .live
  • .xyz
  • .group
  • .uno
  • .fun
  • .press

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